Our basic disinfectant combines extremely short contact time with simple handling. The combination of Ozone and Hypochlorous acid allows it to clean all surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and fungi without leaving any residue. It is extremely safe and environmentally friendly.

Aqua Distel A in its pure form is an basic. It cleans the surfaces and removes grease with ORP – 850 mV.

Aqua Distel technology offers a comprehensive eco-friendly and cost effective program that starts with the water treatment and continues through barns and the field. Cleaning with Aqua Distel A ensures complete destruction of germs and pathogenic agents as it is highly effective in intensive conditions.

Product Properties:

  •  Non-toxic
  •  Natural friendly
  •  Pollution free
  •  Biologically degradable
  •  Free of detergents, phosphate, enzymes, scent and coloring emulsifying agents and stabilizers
  •  Compatible with sensitive material


  •  Hypochlorous acid/Hypochlorite
  •  Sodium chloride
  •  Water
  •  Metastable compounds (Ozone, Oxygen, and Chlorine)

Direction for use:

  •   (2%): cleaning of surfaces