Aqua Distel N is a surfaces disinfectant that is made to be specifically used in the Nano Spray Gun. The combination of Ozone and Hypochlorous acid allows it to destroy all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi without leaving any residue. It is extremely safe and environmentally friendly.

Areas of Application:

  •  Hospitals
  •  Medical and dental clinics
  •  Schools and universities
  •  Farms

Product Properties:

  •  Non-toxic
  •  Natural friendly
  •  Pollution free
  •  Biologically degradable
  •  Free of detergents, phosphate, enzymes, scent and coloring emulsifying agents and stabilizers
  •  Compatible with sensitive material


  •  Hypochlorous acid/Hypochlorite
  •  Sodium chloride
  •  Water
  •  Metastable compounds (Ozone, Oxygen, and Chlorine)

Direction for use

  •  Dilute 1 liter of Aqua Distel N in 9 liters of water. To be used in Nano Spray Gun. Store the diluted solution up to 5 days.