Diseases and infections have always been a major concern to the poultry industry during the rearing, hatchery and slaughter period. Fortunately, microbial contamination can be prevented and controlled using proper management practices and modern health products. It is very necessary to maintain absolute cleaning, effective hygiene and strict disinfection techniques during the process of livestock farming.

Aqua Distel technology offers a comprehensive eco-friendly and cost effective program that starts with the water treatment and continues through barns and the field. Treating the entire farm with Aqua Distel fluids can provide a mass of benefits, including:

  • Complete destruction of germs and pathogenic agents/highly effective in intensive conditions
  • significantly lower mortality rate
  • significantly less medications
  • Absence of chemical and antibiotics residues in poultry meat
  • improved chick vigor / livelier and more robust birds
  • improved feed utilization, more rapid weight gain /less days on feed
  • fewer problems with lung, digestive and skin diseases
  • calmer and less stressed birds
  • lower costs and increased profits
  • Alternative route of treatment, restriction of antibiotics
  • Minimum crawlspace between production cycles


Cleaning (download brochure)

Disinfecting (download brochure)

Airborne disease distruction (download brochure)