Generating the disinfectant

Aqua Distel is a transparentcolorless liquid with a slight odor of chlorine. It contains various oxidizing acids that are strong disinfecting agents that destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Aqua Distel is a nontoxic solution with a pH=7, which makes it 100% safe.

The advantages of the treated water by Aqua Distel

  •  Due to the very low concentrations of active chlorine, no toxicity is produced or any other form of toxic substances.
  •  Aqua Distal removes the biofilm and algae in the water system.
  •  The lines do not need to be rinsed out after disinfection.
  •  No changein the characteristic values and properties of the water.
  •  Aqua Distel maintains its effectiveness in the undiluted state minimum 3 months.

Important conclusions from the report of the IHF (Institute for Hygiene and Environment in Germany)

The tests showed that Aqua Distel is an effective disinfectant.

The provisions show that the concentration of free chlorine in Aqua Distel has significantly fewer side effects than traditional chlorine-containing products and it matches the standards of the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO)

The resulting trihalogenen substances generated in the production of Aqua Distel are also far below the standard German Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO) and make no danger here, “Aqua Distel is recommended as a safe and effective disinfectant.”

It is safe to treat water with Aqua Distel for drinking and to be used in industries, such as brewing and beverage industry disinfectants in dairies and in the food industry, water treatment in swimming pools, water treatment for green space irrigation on golf courses, water treatment on boats and in airplanes, drinking water treatment in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, institutions…

Other applications can be found in animal husbandry, agricultural crops, agricultural and food industry, in the preservation of feed for animals.

Aqua Distel is collected in a container. From there it is fed with a metering pump into the water cycle. The dosage depends on the properties and the quality of the water.